Pontiac Audi

Holden Commodore to come up with this idea, not considering the economic risks and other 'stuff'? Impossible! Who better, think Australian guys from Holden … In addition, they have lying around the platform of the old Opel Omega, which some interesting Powertrains and support for General Motors. The project was … Continue reading

Ugg Australia

Russian analogue UGG – boots, can not cope with hot weather, unlike their Australian brethren, by the they can not boast comfort and softness. This shoe is universal. Ugg boots are perfectly combined with sportswear as well as, the skillful combination, can be worn even with a skirt. You can … Continue reading

Foot Care

The line of foot care and hand hands – the most defenseless body. From morning till night they are exposed to external shocks of water, cleaning products, solar radiation, etc. Hand skin "tell" about the present age of owner … Feet are constantly exposed to high physical activity, maintaining the … Continue reading

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