Brazil Species

The Australian palm cunninghamiana Archontophoenix, initially brought to Brazil for ornamental use, became invading of remaining forest fragmentos in the state of So Paulo. Thanks to experiments and comment carried through in the forest reserve of the University City of the USP, in So Paulo, SP, evidenced the fast process … Continue reading

The Freedom

To learn is a pleasant right, is a dynamics that enchants as to the artist who composes its landscape from each part that it integrates to the mosaic, with creative joy; therefore, it is not a moral duty. Learning is not dissociado of the construction of the freedom and this … Continue reading

Silicon Research

One of these forms is to promote the incentive to the empreendedorismo, the creation of microns and small companies for exploration of its research, the protection and patenteamento of its inventos, amongst others. From there they appear spinoff? s as being the best chance to transform the object of research … Continue reading

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