Mutual Funds Investment

During the course of history the development of financial markets around the world has been a permanent task to fulfil, thus creating important and varied elements such as mutual funds, which have greatly collaborated in the conception of this objective. Mutual funds can be defined specifically as the heritage formed … Continue reading

Covert Privatisation

It is necessary to increase the size and efficiency of Spanish savings banks so that they can compete on equal terms in the national and international market. Pursuing this objective was set up FROB and new legal regulation of institutional systems of protection (SIP) or cold mergers. As such mergers, … Continue reading

Latin American

Our city of Santo Domingo de Guzman has been characterized, as most Latin American cities, by horizontal and vertical preasumido and planned growth, and the idea of a follow-up to regulatory schemes, which ultimately have proved useless and outdated, this is due to an ever-present desktop approach, and not focused … Continue reading

Surveys Companies

How do you usually react when you visit a web site that promises you can earn $150 per day if you sign up with them and take surveys that you offer? Describe them as scams, or are intrigued? If you are thinking about taking advantage of one of these options, … Continue reading

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