Romulo Betancourt Government

In recent years, we have witnessed the strengthening of political relations in Latin America, Colombia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with certain Arab and Muslim countries, in order to create new blocks or structures of power, to confront the American hegemony and its allies in the Middle East, Israel. … Continue reading

Samuel Akinin Levy

They are those who actually make our dreams. Samuel Akinin in the dichotomy that we imbuimos when we look at us, we know that we exist as a man or woman, we are parents, mothers. We discovered that these pieces are not divided, nor can unite, because even having feelings, … Continue reading

The Human

Salzmann (1977). Juran concludes that culture is the capacity that a company has to face challenges, with success. Studies of human activity which seeks to address the organization. From this point of view, the organizations are: systems of people than through a structure of operation and using methods of clearly … Continue reading

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