Ani Vera

Don’t think more in what others may think and concentrate on you, what you want from the depths of your heart. And here you have my beloved reader, 3 tips that will help you increase confidence in yourself, so you believe in yourself, that you believe in the possibilities that … Continue reading

Mexicos Daniel Cosio Villegas

INTRODUCTION. The present work aims to analyze and comment on a document that has been marked since its publication in 1947, a model of critique of political systems through the historical analysis. An essay entitled the Mexico Crisis of Cosio Villegas has not lost its critical and historical value. Since … Continue reading

Web Page

By: Diana Norberto Fontanez has reason. My page at was a site full of content, with files of my newsletters, and comprehensive to meet visitors who click and read like. But why I changed? And you should do the same? It all depends, but let’s look at the following … Continue reading

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