Central Electoral Meeting

The Central Electoral Meeting declared illegal the concentrations in the day of reflection and the elections of Sunday. The Sun encamped ones have announced that will not indicate this Saturday, although yes will continue with the concentrations. Interior assures that the Police will act with ” proporcionalidad” before the demonstrators. … Continue reading


The name is one of the important aspects but of its company since it is going to influence directly in the first impression that the public has of his business. Therefore to name to his company it is not worth any name. In the first place it must know that … Continue reading

Comets Refusing

DREAMS with comets you would have liked to finish the kite and fly it, enjoy its old entertainments, but it was not appropriate for the arc of the zumbadera material. It desesperaba folding birulies, polishing reeds and vines, and trying with other materials not used for comets zumbaderas. but always, … Continue reading

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