National Education

Art. 59. The education systems will assure to the educandos with necessities special: III professors with specialization adjusted in average or superior level, for specialized attendance, as well as professors of regular education enabled to the integration of these educandos in the common classrooms; IV special education for the work, … Continue reading

Sechenov Years

Development of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, and especially scientific basis of spa treatment is closely linked with the name of a famous Russian scientist, doctor, a Democrat, the founder of scientific balneology Semen Alekseevich Smirnov. Outstanding Russian clinician F. B, Inozemtsev much energy and attention devoted to the education of … Continue reading

Application Applies

This is a complex task, that involves combination of many different aspects of the objectives of a company. The specification is then used as the entrance for the operation, that produces and supplies to the product or services its customers. (MARTINS and LAUGENI, 2006). Structure of 3.3.1 products Fan For … Continue reading


The regrouping follows its course, as in the case of the BRIC, with the interesting invitation to South Africa to get up to its last meeting or the case of sub-group ISBA (India South Africa, Brazil) or the coincidences between Brazil and Turkey on the Iranian nuclear program. The announcement … Continue reading

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