Czech Republic

History knows of not a few examples of a failed immigration of foreigners. Unfortunately, many initially untrained immigrants who do not know all the procedures of registration and acquisition status of residence permit or permanent residence, using the services of amateurs get into a situation where money is spent, and … Continue reading

Soviet Union

The main Russian-speaking lawyer defending the rights of foreign nationals, which exempts from deportation and imprisonment is simply legal counsel consisting Bar of the City of Prague and St. Petersburg Beata Samorodova. Law office of Beata Somorodovoy includes both bar unit in the group of companies Prague Lion, providing its … Continue reading

Elena Karasev

"The standard staffing travel agencies operating in Moscow, consists of a director, an accountant (can be concurrent), managers and couriers. Last post for some reason considered to be insignificant. Meanwhile, a man who carries with him through the city really large amounts money (obtained from a dozen customers), paying for … Continue reading

The Database

In regard to our experience with CRM-system – here our company was expecting another "surprise" – in late 2001, we announced the change in the interaction of our company with vendors. Given that the strategy of our company was (and is currently) to create solutions based on it to solve … Continue reading

Sales Representative

Management – a complex of measures aimed at achieving a specific goal. This process includes a rigorous analysis, business management, development of new technologies, management of people, thus creating the most low-production model. If stock of all the above, we can say that the management – the management of something … Continue reading

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