Armed Forces

Our military structure of peace time consists of a nucleus of permanent forces, capable to become enlarged itself with the mobilization of reserves, in threat case. This is an alternative that conciliates the existence of deriving staff of the obligator military service with the professional pictures, composing the diverse organizations … Continue reading

Zarema Dadaeva

In all images the city is surrounded by a sun-drenched and full of those colorful spectacular color sensation, which transmits only in black and white photos. Feeling light-heartedness, joy and a special world view shared by all pictures. It is naive and yet looks strictly Orthodox church in the main … Continue reading

Fields SP Effect

3.2.2Interaes Medicamentosas medicamentosas Interactions are types special of farmacolgicas answers, where the effect of one or more medicines are modified by the simultaneous or previous administration of others, or through the competing administration with foods (BRAZIL, 2008). The practical one of lapsing of some medicines for one determined illness and … Continue reading

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