Study Habits

Introduction. All individuals have different abilities, skills and / or conditions for the study because it is not advisable to compare one person to another or a method of study to another, but to assess the various skills and encourage them according to their own internal schedules. Sometimes low academic … Continue reading


I plaster, a company that should not be confused with Asus of Taiwan has just announced that they have a headset solution for those wishing to bring conferences with your Smartphone, based on a design that is inspired by earphones secret service. Known as the 500 K, are promoted as … Continue reading

Bulgarian Basics

Read any book about personal success and tell you pay attention to the details. Hear other arguments on the topic with Boy Scouts of America. Sounds like good advice that you have not mastered the basics – in this case, at least is the worst advice you can receive. Every … Continue reading

Asturian Association

The impulse of brings back to consciousness ecological of years 80, preceded by the particular initiatives and the effort of emergent organizations, like Friendly the Asturian Association of the Nature (ANA), managed to restrain a time the vertiginous fall of poni that took way to become a certain disappearance. Its … Continue reading

English Audiocourses

In recent years, is a growing trend of learning English through audio recordings. This method is so popular, as well complement the modern image of a business person who always busy with several things at once, run anywhere, and he did once read textbooks in English or, for example, artistic … Continue reading


Day-care center School ' ' Feliz&#039 child; ' Peixoto de Azevedo Angelica teachers Maria of Jesus Marilene Branches The media and boarding technological in the schools Summary This present article was made a process of work of technology in the schools that take care of child in the series initiate … Continue reading

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