Nani Roma Foundation

Our illusion, and that of all our customers, who are actively involved in the Mauritania project (from AMV spend 1 euro on the FNR, by each new contract policy) allows that we can turn into reality what started as a simple idea. We are very excited with the development of … Continue reading

Hold Associate Financial

The investment funds work when reuniting investments of different people or are physical or morals to invest them in different financial instruments delegating the responsibility to him from a society other people’s to the investors; this society can be a bank or a financial institution. Dr. Neal Barnard is full … Continue reading

Amaznia Capital

However these actors, when taking its decisions, nor always take in account the interests and the necessities of the different social groups, direct or indirectly affected. The taken decisions can represent benefits for one and damages for others. One determined enterprise can represent profit for entrepreneurs, job for workers, personal … Continue reading


' Everything me is allowed but nor it agrees me to everything, all the things me are allowed but I will not leave myself to dominate for nenhuma' ' Apstolo Pablo the eagle is one of the metafricas figures, that portray the freedom, more known in the world. Its capacity … Continue reading

Balance Value

Too much or makes nine out of every ten occasions in which a businessman offers fast too abandon in the achievement of its objectives. Know how to balance the entitlement, with the given measurement and in adequate doses. Know how transfer provides a fundamental advantage.Don’t rush to dispense with the … Continue reading


The self-respect goes hand in hand with the self-evaluation. When you Auto-respetas you feel proud of you same, know well your emotions, and you are able to meet your needs, not afraid to ask for what you deserve, you learn to not rely on what others of you say because … Continue reading

Coy Zamesto

Permitted to apply tremendous strides loop, as investors must commit Spanish manners, and are allowed to use regular surfing, as surely preparing Dzh.Makinroy. If you want during the games use different versions of forehand, then you must be able to soon, virtually overnight, to take decisions. In the criteria of … Continue reading

Europe Group

This way I could afford all my travels, so almost without realizing he had already gone 2 times to Switzerland (Geneva, Bern, Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), France (Paris, Lyon and Vienne) and the two Irelands (Dublin and Belfast). But the best thing that I provide this new … Continue reading

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