Thomas Mecke

A disability insurance is always individually adapted to the respective insured. Selection of when selecting the insurance disability insurance there are many variations and clauses. This is the abstract reference and others repeatedly”called. The insurance companies should they be included in the insurance contract, it is possible to refer the … Continue reading

Interviewing Tips

Therefore, there are some hints for this kind of candidates: 1. Understand for yourself where you really want and could realize their full potential (the sphere of activity, position). 2. Learn more interested in detail the post (its demands, the working conditions of the employee, the average wage-term). 3. Create … Continue reading

Sustainable Development

This program also aims at to promote actions of ambient education directed toward the conservation and preservation of the environmental resources. In accordance with the National System of Units of Conservation? SNUC (Law n 9,985, of 18 of July of 2000), the State System of Units of Conservation of Amazon? … Continue reading

Family Education Program

They are structured so that teachers can work with family issues related to the education of their children, in correspondence with the characteristics of adolescents and young professional technical education in order to encourage family communication – Teen – school. Clearly, the importance of vocational training as an activity that … Continue reading

Smart Employees

Many coaches and consultants to teach his seminars as from the mass of candidates to select the deserving. How to conduct an interview that the company is not leaked is not enough talented or not sufficiently hard-working employee. But the problem is not in it! Where it is, the queue … Continue reading

Cologne Emperor

Lecture by Marius Augustin at the Catholic youth movement, Munchen e.V. When he prayed, appeared the Archangel Michael and the only spoken Holy Emperor, Marius Augustin, near the lecture at the Catholic youth movement in Munich as he prayed, reported seemed all angelic choirs of heaven Emperor Heinrich II. the … Continue reading

Interesting Article

I came across an article that describes a way to develop a Communications Plan, will be useful. Plan Communication is one of the policies inherent in any seeking activity undertaken by part time an institution, since any entity constituted by humans will need to relate, transmit, internally and externally, their … Continue reading

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