Evolution Of Humans

The evolution of human beings and should not be made to the technical control of the external world, physical and mental levels are not far-reaching that evolution (as in the past century as to the mechanistic-scientism), these developments, it now rests on Comprehensive and spiritual levels of being. Knowledge within … Continue reading

Aptitude Tests

The aptitude test for foreign languages (Spanish version of personal trainer Primary MLAT-ES) is a Spanish-language adaptation of the English language test (MLAT-E), developed by Dr. John Carroll and Stanley Sapon. The test is designed to measure aptitude for weights foreign languages a student, that is, the ease (or difficulty) … Continue reading

February RD Pedagogy

The scope of action of hospital pedagogy it is clear what the hospital context. Inside we will carry out pedagogical work primarily in the hospital classroom and the children’s rooms, in those cases in which these can not go to the classroom. Without forgetting to extend this action to the … Continue reading

Creative More Than 9 Square Meters Also!

AWK realized three-dimensional-looking special implementation at the POS for the customers of Romina EiszeitQuell. Far more than it suggests the classic advertising assignment in potential out-of-home media. Especially the large area is flexible and offers creative leeway. The current poster campaign of customer Romina provides evidence of mineral water for … Continue reading

Epistemological Foundations

Epistemologic foundations of the Theories of Learning. In historical occurring of the man, diverse explanations have been constructed to understand the phenomena of the life and the surroundings with which it interacts. As a result of this process, the denominated scientific theories arise, which are understood like: explanatory universal models, … Continue reading

CEO DAVID Systems GmbH

The new software release 2010.2 by DAVID system expands the extensive product range of tri media cooperation to many new functions. Munich, Germany, December 14, 2010 DAVID systems, a leading provider of global broadcast solutions, announces the availability of 2010.2 software suite. In addition to numerous extensions and custom functions, … Continue reading

Divorce Express

Below we list the main procedures to perform a quick divorce. In 2008 entered into force reforms to articles 266 and 267 of the Civil Code for the Federal District, which allow the divorce express or volunteered. The most important points of these reforms are: marriage can be dissolved within … Continue reading

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