The flu virus can be compared with the ball having a diameter of 80-120 nanometers, ie, 1000 times thinner than human hair, and that a kind of bristling whiskers, which are nothing like the reproductive organs that help the flu virus re- and once again produce their own kind in … Continue reading

Arizona Schools

Arizona Schools plows slightly stupefies average and that is pretty good news. When Superintendent Tom Horne released the state" s 2006 report card, it was with the news that Arizona Schools plows usually you please to either average, or slightly stupefies, on indicators used to compares schools nationwide. The college … Continue reading

Humana Launches Participatory Action In Favour Of The Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk

Humana launches a nationwide cooperative action in favour of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk. Humana launches a nationwide cooperative action in favour of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk. On the Internet platform can as of now each support family-friendly facilities and projects or good ideas, the parents and facilitate the everyday life in the … Continue reading


Who is authentic, assumes the responsibility for being what is and it recognizes free of being what is. Jean Paul Sartre. The success always comes accompanied from responsibility. In all our areas. Not to assume the responsibility of a life chosen by own decision, entails to live an other people’s … Continue reading

ICT Knowledge

That's what is needed and identify any information that its authorship. Virtual action, leading to malfunction of media should be punishable, as well as physical impact on the individual. Improve the reliability SISZHL will help correct and competent use of tools used in systems of ICT. Hence, the continuous training … Continue reading

Deaf Association

m5-motto (an initiative of hearing Deaf Association key for all e.V. ) is understand and be understood, experiencing diversity key for all e.V., easier access to education through entertainment and common fun Ear Deaf Club -nonprofit, low-barrier interest Center of hearing Deaf Club key for all e.V. arose from personal … Continue reading

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