“Hans Holbein the elder: offering in the temple the painting by Hans Holbein the elder (c. 1465 Augsburg-1524 Basle or Isenheim) with the title of the presentation of Christ in the Temple” (1500) has a change in its lineup of an altarpiece in the Dominican Church of Frankfurt and a … Continue reading

Today Product

‘Success story’ – this term currently making its rounds in sales and professional circles. And not without reason… The current advertising trend moving away from theoretical promises and future promise. Today’s buyers tired of is the many marketing phrases and slogans with which he is confronted anywhere and at any … Continue reading

Sebastian Ludemann

With over 100,000 virtual homeless more players than the BVB viewers Hamburg, may 12, 2011 the new version of the online game classic Penner game ( breaks the own records with over 100,000 players. Get more background information with materials from Neeman Foundation. The growth rates surpass the success of … Continue reading

Banking Education

This way to lecionar if is similar to a Banking Education that if alicera in the principles of the domination, of the domesticao and alienation transferred of the educator to pupil through the given knowledge, tax, mentally ill. In accordance with this conception, The educator is what he educates; the … Continue reading

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