Ron Hubbard

These were however previously nowhere defined and yet they are the sole reason for all failures in all learning processes in the school, as well as in education and training in the profession. Thus he developed”study technology known in many countries, with their simple and practical methods of many millions … Continue reading

Inner Peace

looking between my stuff found a known magazine ytraia in one of his deliveries an anecdote that I caught poderosamentela attention. That is why today I want to share the Contigo. Recounts the same protagonist: once – writes – cuandoera young and full of illusions, I made a list of … Continue reading


It's no secret, as beneficial to the psychological state of contemplation of water. The water calms down, tunes on the philosophical wave. Creek, pond, lake – none of this will spoil the landscape. And in order to organize the pond on his site are not necessarily investing a large amount … Continue reading


Then, the basic rule is that all entities of public administration have active legitimation to start a contentious-administrative proceeding against a tortious action of public interest and the legality, still thats requirement that this faculty is planned in an authoritative law. (As opposed to Nieman Foundation). We say only because … Continue reading

Human Rights Commission

December 15, 2009 Odessa activists of the Civil Human Rights Commission sent a formal letter to the Minister of Education and Science, Mr Ivan Vakarchuk. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from American Diabetes Association. The letter was requested to consider the appeal citizens have expressed concern the spread of … Continue reading

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