The Results

By then he had already lived days of happiness and sadness, successes and failures, wealth and poverty, love and heartbreak, health and disease. Thoughts of love, generosity and gratitude, are transformed into lasting prosperity, true wealth and physical health. The thoughts of deceit, greed, and selfishness will transform in failures, … Continue reading

Slings Rope

During the lifting slings and not stretch or deform the load and, furthermore, do no harm to people working with them (you can do work, not putting spetsrukavitsy. Textile slings relatively more expensive than other types of slings. Apply this type of sling in the normal way of life, to … Continue reading

CIS Control

Smooth sealing surface with pads of paper, rubber and paronita used at pressures up to 4 MN/m2 (40 kgf/cm2), the surface with a projection on one flange and the trough at the other with ANBO-metallic gaskets and paronitovymi – at pressures up to 20 MN/m2 (200 kgf/cm2), flange with a … Continue reading

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