Aegean Sea

He was just trying to arrange, for example, a cave under his own life. So at first design was a necessity. We can not say for sure – it is a necessity or an art. Most likely, neither nor the other in pure form. Some authors of textbooks on design, offering a metaphor – "a language for communication rights and the things they created." You should look closer to the objects that accompany our existence.

Real environment man – furniture, kitchenware, household equipment – is a repository of information transmitted through the millennia. Moreover, this information may be concentrated on the area and at 30, and 200 m2. When a man sits at his desk, he hardly comes to mind is that the shape and purpose of this subject has not changed much since ancient Egypt or Greece. At all times people tried to optimal habitat. And be guided in their quest not only personal taste and fashion, but today he needs comfort. External features and grandeur palaces Egyptian nobility. I was struck by the fabulous murals in the palace Ahetatona by an anonymous painter of 3,500 years ago.

On the floor of the palace depicts a lotus pool, overgrown Nile, floating fish. Master perfectly conveys the freshness of early morning awakening the joy of nature. Decision of Egyptian Interior widely used stone, gold, silver, bronze inlay. Faience tiles littered the floor, carving and painting tempera covered the walls. The blue ceiling and pictures of stars reminiscent of the sky. Ornament decorated wall panels, used for decorating the tree valuable species, with a skilfully varied color. Unprecedented for the time reaches the architecture in many countries. In ancient Greece, for example, the settlements were chosen along the picturesque corners of the winding coastline Aegean Sea. Here are based on the perfect beauty of plants. It creates an architectural order – strict, artistically meaningful order of the parts of the building. The decoration of interior spaces are used plaster, marble, wood for walls, mosaic floors. For public buildings used gilding, porphyry, inlay and gold glaze on the marble, the plates of embossed brass. Elegant vases, amphorae, kuvschiny of ceramics, for which depicts various scenes from the life, decorate the interiors of the ancient Greeks.

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