Alberto Justino

From the long colored hair the youngster perceived that it was Virginia, the wife of the duke. The duchess, young and beautiful, launched a look stop backwards and Alberto, that if considered to leave, deviated the look for the soil, encabulado. It made the signal de a Cruz and it left hasty, fearing that the woman had there if annoying with the presence of it, dirty and fedendo the horse. In that night it decided to every day take bath after the work. Some days later the duke he left to hunt in company of two friends. The young Mario, that also was servant, and Alberto, had prepared would mount them and the hunting dogs. It left the baron with its two friends and Mario as page. Alberto was giving ration to the animals when Virginia was come close to it.

– How it is its name? It asked. – Alberto Justino de Miranda, for serviz it. The trunk answered the youngster inclining as it had taught it to Tlio. Virginia launched a look for the gate and came back to face Alberto. – Mario left with my husband and I need somebody to full the bathtub – I can go lady. – Then she comes with me.

Alberto followed the young woman to the aposentos of it in as the floor. In the bath room it had a closet, one cmoda with a mirror, a stove and a bathtub enameled on wooden estrado. In one I sing was a barrel with water. – Esquente the water and fulls the bathtub. Later it goes to the hortelo and it brings me oil and essences. I already come back. The duchess left and Alberto lit the fire and placed water to boil. Meanwhile it occurred, it was early. Sundays,he took care that there would be food ready.

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