Alternative IV Poetry Festival

Johann W. Goethe: The man deaf to the voice of poetry is a barbarian. Aristotle: The poetry is truer than ever. Childrens Defense Fund has compatible beliefs. The sea is not only a source of inspiration for poetry, but poetry itself. In his verses curlews fly, ride the wind in the direction of other worlds, it reveals clear horizons and are drawn almost invisible traces left in its wake by the loving couples who sucked the fresh air of the beach while their hearts made tender words of love inspired by the quiet waves and indescribable pm reddish near its end. The sea has been and will always be an element of inspiration for those who leave damp roll the pen on plain paper. The sea is a virtue and it's amazing, it's past and present, is a world of small worlds and is the immensity of time revealed through a tiny grain of sand or tiny piece of conch shell. The book "From the perception of sight" published by the Foundation "Dreamcatcher", a foundation for human, social, recreational and cultural center of La Guajira, meets beautiful poems by participating in the Alternative IV Poetry Festival held in Riohacha in August 2008.

In its pages we looked with anxiety, allegories, allusions to the sea pictures … faith and truth we have found some precious gems of which share some excerpts. On page 9 Oscar Parra, a poet born in Aracataca but settled on the Peninsula, writes under the title of "Presence": Mar, beautiful sea …

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