Amaznia Capital

However these actors, when taking its decisions, nor always take in account the interests and the necessities of the different social groups, direct or indirectly affected. The taken decisions can represent benefits for one and damages for others. One determined enterprise can represent profit for entrepreneurs, job for workers, personal comfort for inhabitants of certain areas, votes for politicians, increase of collection for government, chances of job for a segment of the population and, at the same time unemployment for other workers, impoverishment of inhabitants of the region, threat biodiversity, erosion, atmospheric and hdrica pollution, violence, prostitution, illnesses, social degradation and other problems that characterize the ambient degradation. (FIFTH, 2009, pp. 49-50). For authors as Mauro Guimares, the dominant speech, by means of the undeniable socioambientais damages caused by the intervention of the great capital, affirms that the field of the support today, is a dispute field, where if it looks for to consolidate a consensus around the support as form of preservation of the established order (GUIMARES, 2008, P.

91) Rosangela Angelin analyzes the ambient education as a chance for the sustainable development and democratic for Brazil and in the context of advance of the capital on the natural resources it makes the following affirmation: The incessant search for the generation and commercialization of wealth has taken the humanity to a great ambient crisis, which if has alarmingly aggravated. Although the technological development has proportionate advances in the society, at the same time, this has alavancado ambient problems and risks that compromise the quality of life of the current and future generations. (ANGELIN, 2007) For Carlos Vainer, the speech of the strategical planning is the creation of the conditions of its instauration while speech and project ' ' The carried through paradox: the strategical plan speaks on behalf of a unified city that if it intends to produce through patriotismo' ' In this direction great projects for the Amaznia always pautaram its speeches under the point of view of the merchandise, the Amaznia as manger of ready natural wealth to be explored for the great capital, where the local population was excluded of this process, authors as Jose de Sousa Martins, Anthony Hall, Lux Vidal, Iara Ferraz and Maria Elisa Slope, when analyzing the advance of the great capital on the Amaznia demonstrates this point of view accurately, when standing out that aboriginal and traditional populations were unloaded of the power to decide processes around the great projects.

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