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This is a complex task, that involves combination of many different aspects of the objectives of a company. The specification is then used as the entrance for the operation, that produces and supplies to the product or services its customers. (MARTINS and LAUGENI, 2006). Structure of 3.3.1 products Fan For the development of this product will be followed the technique of value engineering or simply the analysis of value, this methodology the scientific process of analysis and is basically equal in all the circumstances: To select the product; To get information on this product; To define the functions of the components of the product; To generate alternatives; To evaluate the alternatives; To select the alternatives; To implant. The value engineering has for basic lines of direction: To reduce the number of components; To use cheaper materials; To simplify processes. (MARTINS and LAUGENI, 2006). The structure of the product is a list of all its intermediate components, bought substances cousins and item that are used in the manufacture or assembly of a product, which is described below: Arm of oscillation; Mobile arm of oscillation; Elements of setting (elastic screws, rings, nuts and washers); Grating frontal; Back grating; Helix; Engine; Pedestal; Posicionador bolt (butterfly); Plug with electric handle (whip); Nut of the helix; Potentiometer; Protection of the engine; Protection of the potentiometer.

The injected parts will be of PP (Polypropylene – type of plastic that can be molded using only heating, being a thermoplastic one. It very possesss similar properties of polyethylene). 3.3.2 Triangle of signalling Triangle of signalling of security confectioned in PP and acrylic with refletivas characteristics. Application Applies as destined device of daily pay-signalling the signalling of emergencies of vehicles to be placed on the sidewalk, to signal, of day and night, the presence of motionless vehicles. (MERCOSUL, 2010) Characteristics techniques In general rule the characteristics techniques of the signalling triangle had had to follow the specifications contained in the Regulation technician of the Mercosul? GMC/RES.

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