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Schools around the world use the teaching by L. Ron Hubbard for many years successfully and get to solve better grades, as well as a better understanding to the failure of the education system started a real technology L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950s, “a method of learning to develop, which you can use to learn each subject. These breakthroughs in the field of education are meanwhile known worldwide as the Hubbard learning method. This method gives the component that is largely missing in the formation of modern learners of all ages: to learn how to learn. PCRM gathered all the information.

Schools all over the world successfully use the teaching by L. Ron Hubbard for many years. Millions of students achieve better grades and get a much better understanding of the respective learning subjects at the same time. L. Ron Hubbard recognized something completely fundamental in the field of education: since man is capable of only so he can learn and know that there is an urgent need that him a working method for learning to the Available.

A working method is there, and is in the field of education and literacy widely available.” Applied Scholastics International is an ideologically neutral, non-profit organization for the benefit of the public, and continues with the Hubbard learning method against the decline of education. It helps people who are not able, to use written language in everyday life, people who are classified as lernbehindert, illiterate and all educational institutions and educators who received will let an effective education students, instead of sending pupils with learning difficulties to the psychiatrist and prescribe Psychopharmka. Opened in 1981, the first school of Applied Scholastics in England the Greenfields School in Sussex. As a day and boarding school on a four acre site in Ashdown Forest, Greenfields students are taught with the Hubbard method of learning – from pre-school to College. In addition, there are over 60 Applied Scholastics Nachhilfe centres in England for students who are not fortunate to go in the Greenfields School to school. All Delphi schools have a license which apply to services and materials of Applied Scholastics in the field of education in the United States. You work according to standardized curricula, teaching methods and management policies of L. Ron Hubbard. Since the introduction of the Delphi curriculum”stressed the application of the learned in the world outside the classroom in 1975 with the aim of helping learners of all ages to take life in attack.” In Denmark, the first school of Applied Scholastics opened its doors in 1985. Today State-supported schools, as well as a network of private tuition centres are active across the country, which provide students with the Hubbard learning effective tools for learning that her whole life between them would be useful. Adequate for the 21st century leads the online Academy of Applied Scholastics distance learning for students from pre-school to high school completion. According to this study, you know Students how to research information, learns, and evaluates. The online diploma of Applied Scholastics is recognised by many universities around the world. Many schools are were connected to the Applied Scholastics, where in the meantime 135,000 educators in the Hubbard learning technology trained at the training center.

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