You can wander about life without seeking the approval of others. This is how it should be. But many people take this attitude merely because someone they have been advised. See BSA for more details and insights. And that’s not really taking its own path. You are not being consistent with yourself and each other with what someone else says you should do. To be truly yourself is to know the rationale behind our behavior.

Otherwise we would simply imitating others. So let me give you some arguments why not wait for the approval of others: People often agree with what you do until you ask them their opinion. Then begin to find fault in your life that had never noticed; defects fictitious. Do not forget that you have different interests. When you ask for adoption, others only to please you if you do respond to all their interests, not yours.

You make decisions about your life. And who better know you, because you have been from the very beginning of history. They came much later; so if anyone has the answers are not others, it’s you. You might expect others to get approved. But if you fail you can not hold them accountable for your error. However, if allotted want to win your successes. May say that you did it thanks to the heard. They also have their own problems. No time or obligation to guide you all the time. You need not accept being a burden to others. You may ask for approval because you feel insecure. But do not decrease your uncertainty increases. You do not know when they may help you think you could not go it alone. You improperly subordinate to people who have your same social level. There is no reason to do such a thing. While waiting for acceptance all the while you strengthen your own character. Far from it encourage over-reliance to others. You lose the chance to gain confidence and abilities. You put other people to decide on issues on which only you have rights and competition. I think those are some of the good reasons for trusting or distrusting act only in yourself. However, it is necessary to note some important details. Many times we have to take decisions on matters which affect the interests of others. In such cases they have every right to be consulted. You have to know that a man is ignorant in everything but the only things he knows. And often worth asking for advice and opinion to others who might have more or better ideas than us in some question. Humans are not nearly as different as some say. So share many of the problems and interests. That makes it useful to join and share ideas. And that’s from where many of the best solutions for everyone. And finally, we live in a society and there is impossible and inappropriate to ignore others. We have to admit that to some extent, yes we care what others think. And where appropriate, we will take into account.

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