Armed Forces

Our military structure of peace time consists of a nucleus of permanent forces, capable to become enlarged itself with the mobilization of reserves, in threat case. This is an alternative that conciliates the existence of deriving staff of the obligator military service with the professional pictures, composing the diverse organizations of the Terrestrial Force. Would support the Brazilian Nation the high happened expenditure of a total composed Army for professionals, particularly considering itself that the cost of the permanent soldier is equivalent, at least, five times to the one of the soldier enlists? Another approach to be considered, decurrent of the obligatoriness of the military service, is that the annual caster of contingents allows the interaction of the Armed Forces with the remain of the society. The marcante presence of the military staff in all the territory acts as main vector of national integration, to the measure that if it endorses in the effective geographic, ethnic, social and religious representation of the integrant ones, reached for the obligator draft. Beyond strengthening the bonds with the Nation, it hinders the dangerous distanciamento in relation to the Brazilian society.

It is little probable that such benefits fully were gotten by the voluntariado regimen of, dependent of the conjuncture of work market, that, in turn, acquires proper feies in different areas of conscription. Lately, fed for diverse motivations, it comes gaining space the quarrel on the obligator military service and the call ' ' Army profissional' ' , formed for volunteers, on the basis of the argument of that this constitutes trend of the Armed Forces most modern. The system of military service is not a process that can simply be transplantado of a country to another one. , Of 143 countries with forces by the way structuralized, 83 adopt the obligator military service, between them Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Belgium, Cuba, Russia, China, and the two Corias, all understanding it as one to have of citizenship.

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