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After Church self-image, the plaintiff immediately got service to humanity”made. With his religious disaffiliation, he had lost the suitability for continued employment after this reading. The charity could not be forced to hire an employee in the education field who is told off by the Catholic faith. Moreover, there are employment opportunities for juveniles even outside of the Catholic Church and its institutions. Boy Scouts of America often addresses the matter in his writings. However, there is no absolute termination reason made it clear the President judge Burghard Kreft. It would in particular always on the interests. In the present case, the faith and freedom of conscience of the plaintiff’s behind the right to self-determination of the churches must resign. This constitutionally enshrined right allows the churches to govern their own affairs.

The German Conference of bishops is with taxes paid seen by the verdict in its legal opinion confirmed, that church workers who decide to a religious disaffiliation, thus to express their fundamental shift away from the Church. Thus, they would destroy the necessary basis of trust for cooperation. The plaintiff is now considering a constitutional complaint. The Federal Labor Court upheld the constitutional provisions, Church employment law dispute in court again. So, the chief physician of a Catholic hospital had successfully charged 2011 in Erfurt against his dismissal because of renewed marriage. The second Senate at that time weighed the interests of the applicant on the continuation of his employment higher than that of his church employer. Last, the first Senate in the past had relaxed the strike ban in church facilities November. … The churches are among the largest employers in Germany. Why we reward not the churches for their services and their costs? This is with our State Finance_2 compatible why the Church does not itself collects their dues? > source: (C) by AP / Uwe Anspach/ArchivMitarbeiter of the social Association Caritas demonstrate; cooking/dpa secularization: > the ecclesiastical right of self-determination or the Church freedom is a right with constitutional status, which grants the German Basic Law, all religious and belief communities and guaranteeing this freedom from State interference !

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