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Likewise deviating of people who try to lower your self-esteem or selfish, envious and violent people. And we can do this among other options: linking you to a company of network marketing that not only have very human and successful leaders but ordinary people who provide a very stimulating change for society. For this see the list of companies endorsed by the direct selling Association in your country or city. 3. Emotional part: If you’re a (a) addict (a) to news, newspapers, tragic novels and gossip or chatter I suggest that you apply in 95% what was said in the mental part and leave a 5% for these activities in order to disminuir them or does not provide them with greater importance in your life. At night before bedtime and in the morning before you wake up get a mental statement of how you want to be your life and what your mission in this world. It visualize how you’ll feel when you can get what you want. But keep in mind that what you ask should be not only to your benefit but also in the non-profit.

4. Physical part: Sleeps 8 hours a day on average. Feed yourself with fruits and vegetables. Little meat and if you are vegetarian (or) is fine. Avoid to the maximum consumption of flour and saturated fats. Consumes little sweet. He drinks seven to eight glasses of water a day.

You can include in this natural juices. No sodas or drinks alcoholic. Get daily 20 minutes ejrcicio: running, walking, biking. With these guidelines you will have a life that will exercise control over forces aggressor of the medium and will be happiest ever, thankful (a) and determined (a) to help you and help others. If you liked this information let me your comments at the end.

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