Beautiful Village People

They had left boats and they loaded the merchandises, utensils, tools, weapons and a great contingent of soldiers, workers and families who were in its company, they had placed everything in lombos of mules, animals of you would mount, and had travelled some days ties to reach the zone of the High Guapor, had stopped in the name farm Glad Landing, where if they had established and there they had established the city of Beautiful Village of the Santssima Trindade, in the right edge of the River Guapor, taking care of orders of the King of Portugal. (LOPES, 2005, P.16) It constructed a fort for bigger security, and was expanding its works, and finding people in some way already it inhabited the place, (as run away goldwashers and slaves). Many people and families who liveed and worked in Beautiful Village had left the city and if they embrenharam in the bushes that bordered the rivers, had been taking ownership of marginal lands, constructing to its housings, forming its farms and towns. (LOPES, 2005, P.16) Rolim de Moura was the first governor of then the captainship of the Mato Grosso assumed in 1751, being in the power ties 1764. in this period, as Lopes (2005) banished invading Spaniard, established some towns and idealized the construction of a fort to the edges of the rivers Guapor, Mamor and Madeira, which gave if to the name of Ours Lady of the Conceio.

In accordance with Oliveiras (2002, P. 42), some people had established town and in some way they had contributed for the development of the region, as much during as after the ticket of Rolim de Moura, as the construction of the strong Prince of the Side between (1776? 1783), but according to Oliveira ' ' The region passed for a long period of stagnation and abandonment. The discovery of the importance of the latex after came back to be town, as substance cousin in the manufacture of borracha' '. Kidney Foundation describes an additional similar source.

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