Brazilian Awareness Programs

Brazil needs much more programs of awareness of what mere assistencialistas deprogramas. The government is not filantrpica institution, that has as to have to help needed oscarentes and, with donations of basic baskets, allowance for expenses etc., but yes, ' ' responsvel' ' for the economic and social development of all umanao, that is, of all the population, does not import the classroom. Stock market School, Stock market Family, Projovem, alfabetizado Brazil It arrives to dequerer to delude the people with ' ' migalhas' '. It is clearly that, for who it lives in condiessubumanas, scarce, everything this is a great aid. But, it will be that estamosseguindo the certain way? She will be that we arrive at this point of stagnation, whose anica solution is to make the people to believe that it does not have more solution, that noh more job; to accustom them it to be in house waiting a quantiainsignificante; to stimulate them it exactly without the minimum structure to increase nmerode children to increase Alfabetizao to contribute: noprejudicando still more our environment, wasting everything aquiloque we do not have of precious: the water, the food and so coveted money. She is necessary to make with that our young understands that does not have more time to aperder and that the education, for more obstacles that if still present are the nossanica valve of escape. In this manner, it would be well more significant, I believe, to invest in programasde awareness that acted not only in the medias, but queobtivessem a direct contact with the population, through lectures; projects (obligator and constant) in schools and communities; of visits it periferiase/ou to them to the considered areas of risk and, consequentemente, a bigger eincentivo support to on professionals to the socialization area: psychologists, assistentessociais, sociologists. After all, the human being that adquireconscincia and perception of the things, the life, the reality and the turbulent one, complicated and difficult world where we live already it contributes very and, giving one grandepasso with regard to the others and reaching an important advance for itself.

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