Capital Management. Rule ‘three Purses’.

The rules of formation and increase the initial capital (circulating assets) to create and develop their own business through the Internet. These rules are formed based on their own experience in organizing e-commerce and internet trading. rule 1. If you decide to create your first own business, do not leave a job that you have now. Make your first business in their spare time (the principle of parallelism of the business)! If the first attempt fails, you will not be left without bread. rule 2. If your first own business requires an investment of money (initial capital) selects only such amount of money you can afford at the moment, without prejudice to the need of daily material support their own needs.

Do not invest in their own first business their last money, especially never let them occupy (the principle of rationality of the business)! Postpone the money available at that time proceeds, even if it takes some time. rule 3. If your own business is trading operations, use the 'principle of the three purses': Purse N 1 'Current Assets'; purse N 2 'Foundation for sme Development "; purse N 3' Fund for personal consumption." Never put the proceeds in the following purse until until it fills the previous (the principle of consistency of business)! After payment of the next consignment first fully restore its working capital – Purse N 1, then increase them by the fund business development (usually not less than 20% -30%) – Purse N 2, and only then spend money for pleasure – Purse N 3, but only until the moment when you need to pay for the next batch of goods. Then – in a circle. rule 4. If you have your own business, do not break in his work. Any business should be run continuously without interruption (the principle of continuity of the business)! If you stop your business at least for a short time, you will ruin it.

rule 5. If your first own business has achieved in its development, a sufficient level of profitability (return value), start creating a business next. With the growth of its core and Working capital distributes it in several directions (principle of diversification of business)! Do not keep all your eggs in one basket, with its falling eggs all rule 6. If you decide to invest in the development of a Business tools 'from the' value of such funds shall not exceed the value of the Fund's business development (purse, N 2) for a certain period. Do not invest additional funds into a business with zero profitability, especially with the return on the negative (the principle of equity business)! Attempt to 'revive' an unprofitable business an additional 'injection' not save him and the inevitable will only lead to financial losses. Source:.

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