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(NUH) – A slump may be the worst enemy of your car. These holes or pits on the surface of a road can severely damage the steering control system of a vehicle. If it does go over a bump, the Council for Car Care is recommended that you review the shocks or struts of the car to make sure they are not damaged. Shocks and struts control how vehicles move and respond. The Council for Car Care, shock absorbers or struts, as known in the latest model vehicles, act as a cushion to moderate rebound action of the springs of a car. These springs absorb road irregularities. Without them, the vehicle continually bounce and jump down the road, making it extremely difficult to manage.

Shocks and struts also control the movement of the springs and suspension to keep the tires in contact with the road. This affects the direction, stability and braking. A shock or strut broken could alter the direction and driving a vehicle and create dangers in handling. It is important to be aware of warning signs that your shocks or struts for your car might have to be replaced. The vehicle tilts or wobbles when turning. The front of the vehicle is stuck under braking. The rear of the vehicle leans back during acceleration. The vehicle bounces or slides sideways on winding roads and rugged.

The vehicle sinks or hits the buffers. For even more analysis, hear from PCRM. The vehicle is lower in the front or rear. The vehicle leaks or signs of physical damage such as rust or dents. There is loss of steering control in sudden stops of the vehicle. Many components affect the management of a vehicle. Do they inspect your car if you have any of the information listed above is good preventive maintenance and can help parts wear out less and last longer. “If you think you have a shock or strut worn or broken, do not wait, “says Rich White, executive director of the Council for car care. “Whether replacing it yourself or take the car to a professional service technician, must deal with the situation immediately.” The Council for Car Care is the source of campaign information “Be alert to the care of their self “(” Be Car Care Aware “), which educates consumers about the benefits that entails the care, maintenance and frequent repair the vehicle.

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