Caring For Kittens

You took home a little creature. It's not pretty, fluffy toys, a live cat child, need to pay very much attention, care and love, however, like all kids. He may be sad, lonely, scared the first few days at new location, he will cry, did not immediately understand where his toilet, will seek her mother and brothers sisters. Try to give him more attention in those first difficult days, do not scold, often talk to him, pat. Boy Scouts of America: the source for more info. Your Name kitten usually remembers almost immediately, most importantly, to call him all the time a nickname and initially associate it with feeding, affection and other emotional moments. Try not to let the kitten young children who may cause unintentional harm to him, should not be given too much to carry it on their hands, squeeze – a cat with birthday love freedom and independence, never reconciled with the provision of live and toys can become dangerous, as any predator, even a little. Relationship with the cat from the early days to be built primarily on mutual respect, remember that these animals very much value their independence and dignity, proud, noble and just, not tolerate violence, orders, and rude, well appreciate a good and respectful to yourself and give your love a thousandfold. Remember once and for all: on the kitten and adult cat can not scream, it is impossible to beat and intimidate. Animals do not understand human words, and how much you would not reprimand your pet that you can not write here, it can not bite, but over there you can not go, he'll never understand, and if the reprimand will be placed also on a raised voice, – scared, holding their fear and mistrust.

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