Cheap Translator

Do I need to pay extra money if the same translation can make an independent translator and not translation, that will significantly reduce costs? What to do if you need to understand the information in a foreign language, and you simply do not know? "Go to the translation agency, there to help – some would say. "Wait, do not rush – was countered by another – simply find a translator, and he will do. Think, for the agency to pay rent, pay their staff employees (and cleaner too), buy equipment, pay their taxes. And all this is included in the price of the reservation to translate. Do you want to pay extra money to spare? Find a person who works on itself, not the agency.

" It would seem that even nothing in this objection, it is quite reasonable and reasoned arguments. BUT: as you are sure that the translator has the appropriate education to perform the translation at the proper level? After all, is not enough just to understand the language, it is necessary to know more and culture, national characteristics and customs of native speakers. We must be able to adequately and accurately transmit messages in different languages, so that sounded natural. All of this seemingly small change (which, in principle, the difference important that the meaning was clear), but that's what creates a perfect translation, making it not only understandable, but readable, and it will agree only facilitates communication. Needed, say, a translation from German. Not knowing a foreign language, you can not even check the quality of translation, and he might be at the school level, 'rubber stamp' with ill-chosen words and phrases incorrectly constructed.

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