Christian Kolb

The new economic simulation policy Tycoon kidnapped his team-mates in the world of politics. The politics is something serious and our lives, as well as the media, should be largely influenced is most certainly each clear. That you can mold it an exciting and fun PC game is rather new, since this theme in the game business so far unfortunately often only on the edge in appearance. To fill this gap has software author Christian Kolb, who could appeal to car factory manager prospects with the simulation of car companies, made up and the Rundenbasierte economic simulation Tycoon created policy. In the game, to lead a his own party by the political day-to-day and has all of the tasks in hand. So you can decide alone how the election is disputed, what politicians for the party in question and which building party infrastructure benefit might be. The State and federal level elections with subsequent coalition talks soon show whether was worked well and whether new constituencies could be pulled ashore.

The game also boasts a profound simulation of the economy of the country to be played. So current population, unemployment and student numbers are simulated as square such as E.g. the CO emissions and the State of the schools. Make it a player eventually to the Government so he can try through skillful legislative changes to positive influence to be elected again. Finally, the simulation also comes with a deep Editor, which create even allowed their own countries or politician.

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