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That public schools have insufficient financial resources available and for renovations on volunteering by Citizens rely, is not uncritical of Luzelburg. However, both sides will benefit from this action, which was carried out in the framework of the week of the citizenship. The students of the Bernaysschule were not idle. The class 9c granted already empty rooms in the morning. During the action, providing them food or asked the employees of the Agency as a student reporter questions to motivation and professional.

Class leader Christian Wiesmann was more than pleased with the results. Our school is in a difficult and vulnerable environment. Read more here: PCRM. Such actions are a great support for us. Not only because we have beautiful rooms, but because students see that somebody is interested in.” The staff of the Internet agency serves as a positive role model through its voluntary commitment. At the end of the day all rallied tired, but satisfied around the grill in the schoolyard, built by students and teachers Wiesmann. Now was time for the exchange of experience and ideas for new actions. So more cooperation will arise with zeros + ones, since the issue of Internet and Web design plays a role 9 c choosing the profession among students of the class.

The Munich Club Parea-your project e.V. sees itself as a platform for civic engagement, which operates on demand. Non-bureaucratic, directly and locally are micro-projects and partnerships established. “Within the framework of the EU year against poverty and social exclusion the project became honorary” among more than 800 candidates selected by the Federal Government and successfully built. The main implementation of micro projects Parea but does not prevent, in great actions, such as kick for Africa ‘-invitation of 500 children from schools Munich in the Allianz Arena, to dare. Rosemarie Nohbauer

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