One is about a descriptive study of systematic revision of literature on behaviors of nursing in victims of cardiorrespiratria stop in the daily pay-hospital context and for such, the research was carried through in periodic indexados in the data bases LILACS (Latin and Caribbean American Literature of Sciences of the Health), MEDLINE (International Literature in Sciences of the Health), Scielo, as well as in books, periodic scientific and sites in the Internet for the identification of the potential bibliography, by means of the following describers: PCR, nurse, daily pay-hospital. In the search of articles with contents related to the thematic one above cited, the following criteria for inclusion had been established: written scientific publications in Portuguese language, in the gotten period of 2000 the 2010 in integrate.

Another reason for the development of the considered study is the fact to exist few available stories, regarding the emergency attendance, in national literature, being that the statistics regarding the subject it is capricious, not trustworthy and the majority of the strategies of training evaluation adopted in the Brazilian scene, is based on international numbers and the experiences of other countries (RIBEIRO, BORN & JNIOR, 2004). 2. THEORETICAL BASES OF STUDY 2,1 Stopped Cardiorrespiratria: some definitions Cardiac arrest or cardiorrespiratria stop are the sudden ceasing of the sistmica circulation in individuals with expectation of restoration of not carrying the cardiorrespiratria function and of intratvel chronic illness or in terminal phase (RIBEIRO; BORN & GONALVES, 2004). According to Martins & Souto (2004) the cardiorrespiratria stop is the abrupt effective cession cardiac activity immediately is followed of respiratory stop, as well as stopped of the respiratory function is followed of cardiac arrest has if the cardiac arrest denomination. For Cintra; Nishide& Nunes (2008), the PCR can be defined as a sudden and unexpected condition of absolute deficiency of oxygenation to tissular either for circulatria inefficiency of the respiratory function..

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