Classic Series

Cabinets are made of wood and are sometimes of expensive wood, and buy this furniture can not everyone. How many devices for the period of the evolution of furniture was invented by people la cabinets: different boxes – transformers, racks and hangers, pull-out ironing boards, accessories for trousers, ties, belts, caps and antinoise mechanisms. Of all the varieties separately cabinets can be identified such as the production line-in closets. Closet is quite comfortable piece of furniture with comfortable sliding doors, with shelves for comfortable clothes, and a set of useful and convenient for storage mechanisms. Doors can be sliding, folding like an accordion, standard. The doors can be made of mirror, transparent, and the combined panels, which can be decorated with drawings and various ornaments.

For the production of cabinets – a compartment usually use modern slab of particle board (MDF, etc.). The material making up the slab is strong enough and easy to handle and facing different coatings with inexpensive to manufacture. Currently, the most modern kind of multifunction storage systems, without a doubt, are sliding accordion. Sliding concertina – a new kind of cases, more aesthetic and less formal. Sliding concertina made by the sizes that are can be found on the catalog company.

The line of cabinets, accordions Classic Series cabinets presented different models and sizes. Manufactured such cases with the use of unique technologies that reduce production costs, while maintaining its high quality. The main feature lockers – folding doors. Three-section accordion cabinets are convenient, functional and beautiful. Cabinets in divided into three sections, hinged at the center of the door unit with mezzanine bar and a horizontal shelf for clothes, left the section with shelves. These cabinets are made with glass doors as well as without mirrors. These cabinets can pick up an additional corner cabinets of both right-and left-hand performance. The ensemble of these cabinets perfectly combines style, more features, these cabinets will fit perfectly in any rooms, apartments and offices. Corner cabinets are not only roomy, but also have a remarkable property – they can dramatically change any rectangular elongated room, giving it a cozy and more voluminous look. Cabinets – coupe economically useful in the manufacture, storage and transportation. This cabinet can calculate their own and make a person who does not have special skills. Details and mechanisms that comprise a case – compartment (standard size) can be purchased at specialty stores. If you do not have a standard size or approach to such furniture is to order a case – compartment may be in specialized firms, or buy ready-made options in furniture stores. Special cases – coupe can be ordered directly from the manufacturer and assembly ordered separately.

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