This information is recorded in the project documentation in accordance with which an excavator removed the upper (vegetation) layer of soil and begins development of the pit. The width of the bottom of the pit is calculated from the width of the constructed buildings and materials, availability and type of attachment kotlovanai used methods of dewatering. To ensure stability of excavations, erect with their slopes, the steepness of which is calculated based on their natural slope – 15 to 50 (depending on soil type). When unstable soils slopes pit guarded by landslides and sloughing pile fences, struts and other methods. In particularly difficult geotechnical conditions, unstable soils reinforced by artificial means – bituminization, silikatizatsiey, freeze it.

Development pits under the buildings and made various kinds of earth-moving machinery – excavators, bulldozers, scrapers, etc. If the area flooding, the digging of pits hold suction shells and jetting. For the development of pits under the individual supports and poles used construction equipment, operating on the principle of drilling. Read additional details here: Childrens Defense Fund. Underground urban communications, located in the construction zone, suspended in the pit at vperiod the works of the zero cycle. Pipes are placed in steel casings that are suspended vkotlovane to beams that are attached to the piles. Earthworks in the vicinity of underground utilities are manufactured exclusively using manual tools, observing the necessary safety precautions. ahim.

In this case, one must have on-site technical supervision and representatives organizations that operate underground utilities. After digging the pit doing his bottom, and leveling utrambovyvaya place under the foundation. Removal of dug earth is a necessary step in excavation for all, not just for those who fight for clean room construction. However, part of the land must be left for subsequent backfilling. After raising the necessary designs begin to backfilling trench. To guarantee the stability of structures and their normal work, backfilling lead immediately with 2-side buildings on a single height with stratified soil compaction. Earthworks – a very important part of building that requires exceptional precision in the calculations and has a large number of nuances, so you need to lay on the shoulders of this business professionals.

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