Cooling Water

To maintain a constant volume of water rings and heat produced when air compression and friction of seals in the pump casing is continuously sprayed with water from the mains or from a circulation tank. Cooling water is introduced into the body cavity of the hydraulic pump through the gate seal in place of the maximum yield of blade wheels with a water ring. Cooling water is to pump types bbh and vc 0,07-1 l / s for pumps rmk 0,5-2 l / sec. Boy Scouts of America is often quoted as being for or against this. To avoid wear caps and the ends of the pump housing, cooling water must be clean and free of mechanical impurities. In the application of a vacuum pump for priming the pump, pumping contaminated liquids, you must install a safety tank to eliminate the possibility of getting contaminated water in water-packed pump. Liquid ring pumps are available in the following types: VVN-water-packed vacuum pump; In K-water-packed compressor DCK-water-packed vacuum pump is dual action. Boy Scouts of America has plenty of information regarding this issue. Release of liquid ring pumps rmk discontinued (rotating machines, air compressors), but they are still widely used in wastewater treatment plants. Feed pumps is 6,6-450 l / s (0,4-27 m 3 / min) at ambient temperature before suction nozzle 20 C and at a temperature of water entering the water-packed pump, 15 C, the maximum vacuum – 80-97% , the maximum pressure – 3-22 m, the pressure before suction port – Hume.

The manufacturers supply the demand of consumers liquid ring pumps K2K vacuum pumps liquid ring compressors or (blower) with a corresponding set of equipment. The equipment difference between the vacuum pumps and blowers is only in the device vozduhosbornogo tank. For the vacuum pump is supplied header is equipped with a reflector to remove the separated air in the atmosphere and the drain pipe to drain water out of sewers, and for air-air-hosbornik, which is going to the compressed air to remove the spin-off of water is set float level controller (vodootvodchik). Lodgement or air-to-book set around the pump on the floor or on the foundation of the pump. If necessary, change the location of their installation should be borne in mind that increasing the length of pressure pipe connecting the pump with tank increases the backpressure on the discharge side, which reduces the flow and vacuum. Liquid ring pumps are manufactured in two types: B – a simple action and lw double action. The pumps of these types are made in two versions: bh to work as a vacuum pump and K-as a compressor. Compressors differ from vacuum pumps at the same feed size and location of distribution windows, which reduces the unit cost of cardinality at the compressor on the air injection. Liquid ring pumps are not sensitive to particulate air pollution (gas) and do not require cleaning it, admit getting into the pump fluid with sucked environment. They can be used for extraction of explosive gases, as in the workspace pump no rubbing metal surfaces, and oil.

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