Cutters – Let Your Edges Are Exactly

Modern paper cutter used in minitipografiyah, designed to handle small to medium print runs print and paper products. Trimming the ready circulation, cutting into sheets of various sizes of roll materials or large-format paper, as well as pre-treatment products at the intermediate stage, for example, the alignment of blocks before stitching – this is an incomplete list of how to use cutters. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine pursues this goal as well. In Depending on the specific use of cutters, they can be divided into three types: roller cutters, and guillotine shears Reciprocating cutter (guillotine). Cutters Dahle, Ideal, Kw-Trio can be attributed to the most popular on the Russian market operational poligrafii.Rolikovye cutters to handle only a small amount of paper products used roller cutters or fotorezaki. Their special feature is the possibility of cutting the edge with "surgical" accuracy, while certain models are able to do a length less than a millimeter wide strips. This high accuracy makes the roller cutter for interesting salons, design offices, architectural workshops and the like organizations. All manufacturers and models are similar, as a rule, differ only by the length of cut. But there are exceptions.

Since cutter Dahle 500 series allows you to perform several segments shaped cutters vidov.Sabelnye Consider the following type of paper-cutting equipment – saber cutter. This type of cutters, in contrast to the previous one, is able to handle a much larger number of printed materials. There are options in floor design. Reciprocating paper cutters already provided protection system operator. In addition, they have a supporting capacity to improve the accuracy of cutting and slicing thin strips – the optical cutting line illumination.

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