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m5-motto (an initiative of hearing Deaf Association key for all e.V. ) is understand and be understood, experiencing diversity key for all e.V., easier access to education through entertainment and common fun Ear Deaf Club -nonprofit, low-barrier interest Center of hearing Deaf Club key for all e.V. arose from personal experience of its Chairman with communication barriers, official arbitrariness and denied access to education because of his own deafness. Years of research, real-life experience with the failure or success of regulatory applications and the bitter experience of the Nichtverstanden becoming in the listening environment would Johann Kalteis other hearing impaired take advantage. The dedicated Hildesheim is focal point and consultant for many hearing impaired when making requests, inquiries with the authorities and all matters in which offices use silence as a welcome delaying tactics of a decision. In addition to the struggle to He would equal treatment of hearing impairment in comparison with other handicaps, to be able to eliminate or at least reduce the experience of not understanding. Thus was born the idea of the five M.

What Hanschen not learn… “- already in childhood with understanding with laugh with feel see hear deaf children and young people meet very necessarily hearing children, adolescents and adults. The m5 Theatre creates a relaxed integration on both sides of the communication barrier. Playful, there is the problem of Exchange, acceptance, tolerance and respect are fostered. This in turn affects healthy social: it is a joint collaboration that conveys the feeling of social recognition.

Deaf and hearing children and young people work out together communicative and cultural knowledge, at best even understanding, common strategies for survival. It is to strengthen the right of impaired on an accessible society affiliation with the theatre of m5. To do this should understand the listening environment without fears that deaf people are a different culture with other communication (sign language), this however means not another world, but so far only a miss – and not understood world.

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