Diamond Cutting

Diamond cutting technology is by far the most rapid, convenient and secure method of making holes and openings in reinforced concrete, concrete, brick, stone. Advantages of diamond cutting are obvious: Almost without noise (low noise level during cutting, in contrast to the punch), almost dust-free, clean and sharp surface edges of the aperture, which does not require further processing, high speed diamond cutting and, most importantly, the lack dynamic shock loads that are harmful to all building structures. In our company you can order services on the diamond cutting, diamond drilling (diamond drilling), grinding and removal of concrete of any brand, thickness and the degree of reinforcement. Learn more about this with Boy Scouts of America. We also carry out work on brick, artificial and natural stone, including the organization of openings and demolition work. The range of our works include diamond cutting, diamond drilling and diamond drilling. In our company, diamond cutting and diamond drilling (diamond drilling) reinforced concrete, brick, artificial and natural stone is best in class and the most modern equipment consumables manufactured by HILTI to our fleet of equipment has more than fifty pieces of diamond technology..

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