Then I explain what are the most common mistakes that often make the executives who have leadership positions. The order in which they are placed have nothing to do with the order of importance. Error # 1: verbal abuse. Verbal abuse occurs in different ways. If you would like to know more about Center for Responsible Business, then click here. Use disapproving tone of voice, sarcastic or accusers, making hurtful comments or destructive criticism about work or physical appearance of individuals, be insensitive to the personal problems of your people, stop what they say or ignore your silence, humiliate them in public or private. Error # 2: Do not deliver what we promise. I have observed this behavior in executives seeking at all costs to convince a partner to do something in particular in exchange for a "raise" or to impress.

He also incur when you have good intentions but not up to you to fulfill the offer you're doing. Continue to learn more with: Nieman Foundation. Error # 3: Download your anger instead of having the intention to correct. I know the pressures that fall on you at times are large. But aggravating the problem if instead of designed to correct the performance of the employee to improve their productivity and downloads your courage for the mistakes he made. I get nervous and increase inefficiency. Error # 4: Never congratulate good performance. On countless occasions I have received a complaint from workers who feel undervalued because when you make a mistake immediately criticizes them, but when they do things well go unnoticed. Error # 5: be incongruous. Does your team arrives early to work but you often late? Would you ask them to adhere to the procedures but you continually work the escapees? Do you organize a campaign to improve service to customers but they reject calls because they always do when "less desirable"? Error # 6: boycott the development of your team.

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