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There was a great variety of meanings, values that are embedded in word play, play, toy. In the dictionary, SI Ozhegova game is the way in which plays in two senses: to play the game and second in importance is a dangerous game and portable value to operate with the secret intent. Playing as a set of items to play the game of nature as something extraordinary and unprecedented, out of the ordinary. The play on words – a joke based on the same sound different in the sense of words. Game fate as the implementation of an emergency situation in life. Fantasy-fiction and fantasy product. Download igryIgrat like to frolic, play and have fun, to indulge in idleness. Play into something that is, that is spend time in a particular type of activity, in a contest in entertainment.

Play something and something – a musical instrument, play on the stage play comedy – pretending to be insincere in their behavior and actions, play on the nerves – to create discomfort to others, to play the first violin – take the leading position in the social hierarchy. Play with someone, or something like a toy – to treat a man like a toy, do of a fully controlled entity, to play with things, take action beyond the usual manipulation of the subject. Play your own or someone else’s life – to make extremely risky, associated with serious threat to human life and action. Play with fire – turn very lightly with something that could seriously disrupt the existence of which plays to call, among other consequences of his death. Play in human beings – treating them lightly, as with something unimportant and of little value. Play as the manifest, show up with something or something – the sun is, water play, smile playing on his face. Play the stock market – it is difficult to make predictable labor operation on the exchange.

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