Emotional People

Sincere. When you do something for someone, or do something for you, leave your gratitude and emotion is expressed openly and in a real way. Hot. Be someone who shows a honest, warm and exuberant personality to those who surround them. We are going to show your feelings and let they be genuine when they do. Humility. Not lead a life thinking you’re better than others, or that you are superior to those around you.

Modesty and humility will leave a satisfactory impact in yourself and in others. Personal integrity. Always follow your heart, and values to never let a situation or someone, so stay away from doing what we know is right. Is someone who people can admire and respect and not someone who changes its moral values by the material benefits of life. Incorruptibility.

Always kept firm so you believed and that their morals, values, and actions are not on sale. Do not allow outside forces to corrupt the person you are. Common sense: Show good judgment and meaning in life. Do not let prejudice or emotions cloud your judgement. Courtesy. Practice good manners every day, be educated while people to your around differs. Wisdom. Increases day by day the wisdom that is within you. He understands the inner qualities of people and learns to understand the external situations that may be different to which we are accustomed. Charity. Be compassionate with others especially those who may be unworthy. Learn how to extend a hand to help others, even though they themselves have not helped you. Empathy. Note that each person is different and can have different values and beliefs that which you expect. Be understanding of the feelings and thoughts of others. Sympathy. Share your feelings with others and understand the emotional situations that people spend. Place yourself in their shoes. Success depends greatly on the internal change that we are willing to do. Success is happiness, is personal satisfaction, is the accomplishment as an individual. Reprogram your mind and achieve success and happiness together.

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