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The import of automobiles is a phenomenon that is taking place for over 25 years. It began as an extremely complicated operation and not without risk. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Nieman Foundation has to say. But the outcome was quite favorable, since it could acquire the same model and best price, or even buy a car to resell it and earn a substantial profit. This type of operation is simplified with the entry into the European Union. But buying cars outside of Spain, may pose a risk if not done carefully.

Do not be carried away by the high competitiveness of the offer and its attractive prices. It is true that the same models of cars, the highest-end brands in Spain would cost us quite a lot, and that is the illusion of many, to be able to buy one of these cars in high-end German brands. But our recommendation, above all, to use their heads and common sense to avoid being a victim of fraud or scams. Various methods currently circulating which could seriously affect your pocket, and leave a brand new car, but as San Fernando you know a little walk will first be necessary to compare the prices of car brands offer here in Spain, and the price offered in the country of origin of the vehicle you wish to purchase. This I can verify reliably through the pages of dealers of each brand in their country, and also through specialized pages. Never be blinded by those which appear bargains or special deals that they do not exist. Nobody gives away anything, and least in these times. Second, decide if you make car buying from Spain, or will travel to the place of origin.

The latter option is recommended only if they speak the language or an interpreter power of trust and confidence I repeat. Finally it should be informed of all documentation to be provided, and do not let that delivers you any of the documents and the corresponding contract of sale, if it is you who has moved out of Spain to the car, because after more than one claim. 000 km it will be quite complicated. You can read this and other articles, by way of advice and recommendations on our website: a

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