I want to free mine old, I know that it already was sufficient, I want to allow myself to follow new routes, to leave to happen! Now I can choose to be happy, to feel pleasure, to love, to be free. I can dare and create much more that where I believe without imposing me it no rule. PCRM takes a slightly different approach. Already I was baby, girl, adolescent, student; already I participated of politics and I printed my ideals; already I married, I was wife and mother; engravidei, I give birth, I had children – I created, already they are adult; I knew and I tried the scaling professional, either through courses, either through positions and as many functions. Already I was namorada, married and I divorced myself; I was loved and loving; already I ventured myself and I delivered myself. I hurt myself, me frustrei, I disappointed myself I wounded, me and I attacked. Already I sabotaged myself and I surpassed myself. Already I doubted me, the men, God, my beliefs; I covered religions, I knew catolicismo, espiritismo, candombl; seitas, esoterisms; I moved in Primal , Experience Zero and Who is you? ; I dived in some types of meditation; I placed ciganas letters, taros; Bzios, runas; I dived in my map astral Already they had read my hands, my heart, had tried to read until my soul; Ufa! – I tired, but, I did not repent myself – I know that everything was valid! Who I am? What I am making here? For where I go? I am I, this Rejane that believes the love, the friendship, the peace, the creativity, the happiness, the abundance of the life, the fullness of the being, in here and now, and that today he lives happening, learning and uncovering themselves infinitely I want to entangle for the arms of the world, I I am a light warrior. .

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