Family Education Program

They are structured so that teachers can work with family issues related to the education of their children, in correspondence with the characteristics of adolescents and young professional technical education in order to encourage family communication – Teen – school. Clearly, the importance of vocational training as an activity that warrants concern for the future and with it the development of personality, hence the importance of proper career guidance by adults (Teachers and parents). Characteristics of the Family Education Program for the preparation of PGI to help stimulate communication-teen-school family. 1. The distinctive feature of the Family Education Program is that it is aimed at preparing the PGI so that it can encourage family communication-teen-school. 2. The Family Literacy Program, offers the general objectives that it pursues the themes, contents and we will attempt to use literature and recommendations in each case.

3. The themes of this program are in accordance with the needs and interests of parents and teachers 4. It aims to provide the Family Literacy Program through workshops so as to encourage the exchange, dialogue, communication and interest among participants. 5. Key moments are available to develop workshops among which are the following: – Initial Time – theme and objective approach. – Preparation – Close. 5.

I suggest using plain language affordable, without ceasing to be scientific, so it is the compression level of all participants. 6. The program is based on the historical socio cultural trend of Vygotsky and his followers, to consider the role of socialization in the development of personality, through man's interaction with the environment and society.

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