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3.2.2Interaes Medicamentosas medicamentosas Interactions are types special of farmacolgicas answers, where the effect of one or more medicines are modified by the simultaneous or previous administration of others, or through the competing administration with foods (BRAZIL, 2008). The practical one of lapsing of some medicines for one determined illness and the subsequent administration is common in classic therapeutical projects, but such practical deserves special attention, therefore medicines are chemical substances that can interact between itself, with nutrients or ambient and to unchain indesejadas answers or iatrognicas chemical agents the health (SECOLI, 2001). medicamentosas interactions are considered one of the subjects most important of the pharmacology for practise clinic of the professionals of the health, the simultaneous use of some medicines being able to contribute in such a way to extend the effect of the therapy how much to intervene with the farmacolgicas actions being able to result in alterations and effect undesirable (ARAJO; RIBEIRO, 2009). One searches done for the University of the Valley of the Paraba, in the city of Is Jose of Fields SP, where 10 patients had been selected, volunteers, hipertensos, residents of the city, the data had been collected in a period of two months, understanding June and July of 2009, disclosed (table 2), the possible interactions gifts when medicine use becomes for hipertenso and associates with another medicine (ARAJO; RIBEIRO, 2009). Table 2: Medicamentosas interactions gifts in the associative treatment of the hipertenso. Medicines Captopril Antihypertensive Medicines Associates AAS, Metformina, Lipitor, Xalatan, Clob-x.Possveis No-esteroidiais Antiinflamatrios interactions and several others, provoke reduction of the effect antihypertensive of the IECA through the reduction of the synthesis of prostaglandins. The metformina with the concominante use of the IECA can reduce the glicemia. CaptoprilIbuprofenoIbuprofeno can reduce the effect antihypertensive, probably for inhibition of the synthesis of prostaglandins Enalapril AAS, Metformina, Daonil, Insulina NPH100, the insulina with other verbal antidiabetics can have necessity of readjustments posolgico of the antidiabetic drug. stone Medical.

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