Fleet Management

Software for fleet management is of great importance for companies with large fleets of vehicles. These systems have to meet the different emerging needs when managing corporate fleets. In general, necessary to include features such as master data management, the management of costs and contracts. In Latin America, especially the commercial vehicle market is growing and there is evidence that this development will continue. In addition, most of transport is done on roads, in Brazil this represents up to 60% of the total volume of transport. However, there are special conditions caused by the infrastructure.

This produces challenges to the transport of goods within and across the countries of Latin America. Bad roads result in enormous wear of trucks and therefore in a massive increase in maintenance and administration costs. It is essential to maintain an overview of damage and repairs, as well as to assess the technical performance of vehicles. By that, community4you GmbH decided to equip its fleet management system comm.fleet with functions specific to accommodate these particularities. The software includes a function of damage and risk management to capture relevant information concerning damage centrally as well as a component of the maintenance management to document progress and evaluate repairs. A technical CV of each vehicle provides the information for the history of repairs and maintenance of the vehicle. As a result, the fleet management system comm.fleet of community4you is very well equipped for the needs of the Latin American market.

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